Texas Swing Six - Bart Trotter Fiddle MusicBart Trotter & Texas Swing Six “Along For The Ride” – This recording was made in Austin, Texas. It was recorded at “Tequila Mockingbird Studios” and engineered by Gabe Sandoval. “Along For The Ride” is Bart’s first vocal recording. This was made featuring “Bart”, Rick McRae and Terry Hale (from the Ace In The Hole Band), Cindy Cashdollar and Danny Levin (from Asleep At The Wheel), and Wes Starr (from Jimmy Vaughn and Omar And The Howlers). This recording is available in CD and MP3 download format. Here is a list of tunes on “Along For The Ride”: Click on the bold, underlined song titles to hear a clip of the music!
  1. Mile And Miles Of Texas
  2. Milk Cow Blues
  3. Time Changes Everything
  4. Trouble In Mind
  5. Right Or Wrong
  6. San Antonio Rose
  7. Ida Red
  8. Do You Know What It Means To Be Lonesome
  9. Home In San Antone
  10. Your Red Wagon
  11. Miss Molly
  12. Freeborn Man
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